Mghahinga Gorilla National Park was gazetted in 1991, It covers 34sq km, but the tropical rain forest cloaking in the volcanoes is another gorilla habitat. The park offers panoramic views that stretch northward to Bwindi and southern skyline dominated by the steep volcanic mountains of virunga ranges.

The park is contiguous with the Parc de des volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Congo. The park hobours 76 mammals species includes mountain Gorillas, golden monkeys, duikers, leopards, forest elephants, black and white colobus monkeys giant forest hog, forest buffaloes, bushbuck, bats and small predators like savo cats. Mghahinga national park also hosts 119 species of birds including 12 species which are Albertine rift endemic.

Activities and attractions in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The main tourist and travellers attraction in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park include Gorilla trekking with one habituated family of Gorillas. Other activities include golden monkey trekking, hiking mount Muhabura in Kisoro, nature walking,  bird watching listening to the pitching voices and Batwa cultural experience

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