In Bwindi Impenetrbale National Park. A visit to the community will give you a real taste of the Ugandan local community lifestyle including the realities about the cultural heritages. This consists of community walks through forest edge villages at Buhoma and Nkuringo which provides insights into the lives of the local Batwa (Pygmy) and Bakiga peoples. The Batwa are considered to be the inherent people and dwellers of the anicient Bwindi Forest, who lived in harmony with the forest and survived by hunting. In 1992, the government turned the forest into a national Park in order to protect the endangered mountain gorillas and the Batwa became conservation refugees until 2001 when American medical missionaries, Dr Scott and Carol Kellermanns came to their rescue purchasing land and established programs to improve the quality of their lives, currently, which continue to be managed by the Batwa Development Program (BDP). The Buniga Forest Walk at Nkuringo is conducted by Batwa guides who demonstrate their traditional forest knowledge.

Eastern Uganda cultural experience. Cultural tours in Uganda include visits to the local communities where you will discover unique and interesting cultures of the Karamojong people (famous for nomadism in Uganda) around Kidepo Valley National Park and Find out where the finest coffee comes from! Grown on the mountain side of Mt Elgon is Arabica coffee – also named Sipi or Bugisu by the farmers – who have a reputation for producing some of the finest washed Arabica in Kenya and Uganda. Get to experience the local traditions including the Gisu traditional dances around Mt.Elgon & Siipi Falls (Kapchorwa).

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