Iby’ Iwachu Cultural Village is located near Parc National des Volcans in Kinigi. Its has been developed to display local and traditional lifestyles, activities and artefacts.

Local communities benefit and earn directly from this community based tourism initiative to improve their socio-economic ways of living and as an incentive for conservation of the gorillas and their habitat.

Given the cultural value attached to it, the Iby’ Iwachu Cultural Village is a platform to showcase the Rwandan ways of living, traditional lifestyles and dances to tourists and community members in a way that encourages them all to be a part of it while generating income for poor local people. The money generated is used to support their household income based activities; encourage sustainability; reducing unemployment and empowering local people politically, economically and socially to alleviate poverty (which is the underlying cause of poaching) while developing these entities as linkages towards conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas.

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